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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello tv world. here we are. it is hump days with sexy liberal hal sparks in hour
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number three today. here's what i know about my bff jacki schechner. she's always perfect in every way. melissa fitzgerald and jacki and i have a thing. you send me ambien texts. it is a thing. melissa's are all misspelled. jacki sent one yesterday spelled with perfect grammar. what does it take to get you to loosen up, jacki schechner? >> i think you've seen me loosen up from time to time. i think jim and chris have seen it too. >> oh, yeah, you're fun when you're loosened up. >> stephanie: let's just go with fun! [ laughter ] here she is. perfectly compose and coifed, jacki schechner. >> "time" magazine has named president obama its person of the year. "time" points out the president has weathered four of the most challenging years in our nation's history and he still has the opportunity to leave office in four years with an enviable legacy. also in consideration for that
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honor were molalla the teenage girl who spoke out against the taliban in pakistan. apple ceo tim cook. egyptian president mohammed morsi and gee natty who coordinates one of the world's biggest science experiments the search for the particle. also "time" magazine's particle of the year. we first mentioned this yesterday. today president obama is officially announcing the administration's coordinated effort to put forth new policies in the wake of friday's tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. vice president biden is going to be in charge. at the same time, the administration says it is now fully supportive of senator dianne feinstein's plans to sponsor legislation that would ban certain assault weapons and is also open to getting behind policies that would limit high-capacity magazines and also close gun show loopholes. meanwhile, the national rifle association which has been silent since friday says it is going to hold a major press
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conference this coming friday. it released its first statement yesterday saying that it was shocked, sadden and heartbroken by the murders in newtown and says it has been laying low out of respect for the families. and as a matter of common decency. the gun lobby is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to make sure this kind of tragedy doesn't happen again. we don't know yet what that means. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us. jennifer > it's these "talking points" that the right have about "the heavy hand of government". i want to have that conversation. really! you know, i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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[ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough.
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>> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. ... and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪
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♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> uh-oh. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. chris gets automatically nervous when i come in and say i'm in a foul mood. six minutes after the hour. for once, no. >> do i need to prepare a statement? >> stephanie: you might want to. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. the web site. you can e-mail us all there executive producer chris lavoie, voice deity jim ward. jim had too much liquor on tuesday night. >> what else do you do on a tuesday night? >> stephanie: i should have switched to brown liquor last night. >> it sounds awful. >> stephanie: it is in my world. sexy liberal hal sparks in hour number three. yesterday i came in and said i hate everyone except you two. >> and your new puppy. >> stephanie: that's why i hate everyone even more today. okay.
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i was saying this is the third time -- i live right next to a big park and i hike there every day with my dogs. people tend to dump their dogs there. third one i've had to rescue from the park. you know when they don't have the collar. you can see his ribs. he wasn't fixed. you knew somebody had dumped him. so i rescued him. two days ago. >> right. >> stephanie: he followed max and fred and i on the hike. i brought him home. i told the story. handsome romantic. snuggled with him. i went to work yesterday morning. right. i live in a big enclosed, gated with max and fred. i bought him a collar like my dogs have. i bought little baby hot dogs so -- baby hot dogs to gain a little weight back on. i came home and he was gone. pool guy left the gate open. so i went to the park three times looking for him. he's gone. >> jesus. >> stephanie: i know. >> i'm sorry. >> stephanie: fired him. he's fired!
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anyway so -- >> left the gate open? just wide open? >> stephanie: when he was there working. >> max and fred are still there. >> stephanie: yes. anyway, so yeah, then i went on -- the shelter near me, you go to the web site to see if anyone has turned in -- it is immersing yourself in a sara mclaughlin commercial. by christmas i'll empty the shelves. i'll take them all. you can't look online. it is horrible. all right. so that's why i'm in a foul mood and you had nothing to do with it for once in your life. [ applause ] >> my job is still safe. [ laughter ] unless i leave your gate open. >> stephanie: you remember the clinton's dog got killed because the repairman left the gate open. oh! anyway i keep -- now i'm like hallucinating. i thought i saw him this morning. i go running out.
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okay. i'm losing it. >> oh. i'm sorry. >> he might come back. >> stephanie: there are a lot of coyotes that live in the park. >> if he got some love from you you know, i think he'll remember that. >> stephanie: in the meantime for some reason, coincidentally, two different friends send pictures of great pyrenees that need a home. literally, it will be like whoever house sits, for me over christmas will be i thought you had two dogs. what happened? there's like 17 now! what happened? >> there's a woman trying to -- another kitten on us. >> stephanie: how many do you have? >> we have four. we did have five. >> stephanie: oh, boy. right before christmas. all right. so all right we have a lot to get to. annie borowitz tweet the right to own a gun is trumped by the right not to be shot by one. thank you! [ applause ]
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the nra poked their little head out. >> they were shocked. >> stephanie: who could ever have seen this coming except everyone? yeah they -- although i don't know. you have to hope this is hopeful. joe manchin the senator yesterday i hope that they will have a place at the table. who knows whether this means anything given their history. but they said they promised to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again. >> we'll see. >> stephanie: we'll have a news conference on friday. to answer questions. all right. that being said, our sexy liberal cause for the washington, d.c. show, the 19th is the brady center because again, i was looking at the numbers of how the degree to which they're outspent by the nra. and that's what usually drives the debate in washington, right? this is good news. the president -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] is actively supportive of the assault weapons ban. i was saying this yesterday, a lot of people are using the terms tipping point and i really hope so.
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actually, that should be a minimum. that should be a minimum. the assault weapons ban. you know. you've got to get to all of it, don't you? the gun show loophole, the magazines. anyway, all right. so i think at a bare minimum the assault weapons ban. even the "new york post," did you see that? >> up rupert murdoch's "new york post." >> stephanie: what's going on? there is a disconnect between murdoch and fox news. >> even though o'reilly said we may need to look at some sensible gun control. >> stephanie: maybe. >> hannity didn't think so but o'reilly did. >> stephanie: yeah. this is a question we've been asking. the "new york post" says has technology rendered the second amendment to the u.s. constitution obsolete? in the wake of the new shooting to reform gun laws. the application of modern laws. the post offered an answer, yes. weapons designed expressly to
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kill human beings and modified wink wing to meet the federal machine gun ban have no legitimate place in american society. echoing rupert murdoch. they said time to get rid of them. after the shooting, murdoch tweeted when will politicians find the courage to ban automatic weapons. again, seems like thank god is there really a minimum a place that we're starting at least? and again like what's to dispense with the arguments? no, you're not. make it easier. >> we can move toward it. >> does anybody not agree that mentally ill people should not have assault weapons like that combination? i was looking, you know, yesterday, when you were looking at coverage, you look at the picture of jared loughner or the red-haired guy and the latest, you're like really? does anyone think -- >> that guy looks responsible. >> sure! have another gun! >> stephanie: on the other side, the more guns -- everybody was talking about this story
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yesterday and you go is this -- sixth grader brings a gun to school. says parents told him to carry it for protection. after newtown shooting, things that you think you know, there were some of those pictures like with kids with automatic weapons as like -- not a joke but is this where we're going. you've seen those -- not cartoons but -- and i'm going -- and this is -- and now it's coming true? really? he's 11. a sixth grader in utah told classmates his parents encouraged him to bring a gun to school in wake of the sandy hook tragedy. his teachers apprehended him. he was found with a 22 caliber gun. he took it out of his backpack to show classmates. isabel a fellow student said he pointed the gun at her head and said he was going to kill her. >> wow. >> stephanie: you know, that's the thing -- ♪ i believe that children are the future ♪
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>> stephanie: am i just so on one side of the spectrum or aren't there reasonable people. i'm looking at whether it is tennessee or rick perry this more guns lobby i'm going do you really practically think this is a good idea? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] tennessee considers training an army of schoolteachers to protect against shootings. >> that's not what their job is for! >> stephanie: it is almost like the federal air marshal thing, this idea. tennessee has emerged as the center of the answer is more guns in schools. a member of the republican -- there's a shock. republican-controlled legislature plans to introduce a bill that would allow the state to pay for secret -- amid all of the cutbacks for everything. this is taxpayer money. to pay for secretly-armed teachers in classrooms so potential shooters won't know who has a gun and who doesn't. >> shoot them all then. >> great. >> teachers are hired to teach. they're not hired to be marksmen. >> stephanie: this guy, the republican -- he echoed this
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thing, i've heard everywhere, you know in the right-wing world this week. look at it this way. you never see one of the wacko shooters go to a gun show and start shooting. they don't go to a police station and start shooting. they go to places we advertise as gun-free. i have two words for you. fort hood. wouldn't be anyone there with weapons training? >> i believe there was an entire armory there. >> stephanie: yeah. asked if the guns for the trained teachers would be part of taxpayer expense, he laughed. he said well, that's a minor detail in tennessee. we hope the teachers would have them already. >> we don't go into the details. >> details shmetails. >> we should let tennessee secede. see if the germans have any bricks left from the berlin wall. >> stephanie: oh, jim! [ buzzer ] >> they've all been turned into souvenirs. concrete that claims to have
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been part of the wall. >> stephanie: governor oops from texas. encouraging more guns. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] let teaches carry concealed weapons. rick perry tells a tea party meeting. he is for allowing teachers and administrators to carry concealed handguns. >> and the nurses should so they can fix them up after the shooting. >> stephanie: local school districts should decide their own policy but if somebody has a concealed carry license, you should be able to carry a gun anywhere. perry says he believed lawmakers should consider mental health issues as ways to make schools safer. he repeated his opposition to establishing health insurance exchange. he's not going to help in any way. >> no. >> we're not going to pay them. >> stephanie: overhealthcare backed by president obama. he's not going to, of course, literally, we ought to look into what's going on with this mental health situation. oh! >> pay somebody.
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>> stephanie: i'm not doing that! >> oops! >> god! >> stephanie: i can't remember -- two of the three brain cells i have left, what they're called -- never mind. oops. >> this stuff drives me insane sometimes. >> i forget, oops. >> stephanie: so there's that. all right. wow. that's a lot to open with. 17 minutes after the hour. we roll along on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: sweet lady gaga, that is good. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ music ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . ♪ we're going to rock down to ♪
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>> stephanie miller ♪ avenue ♪ ♪ and then we'll take it higher ♪ ♪ we have to rock down to ♪ >> stephanie miller ♪ and then we'll take it higher ♪ ♪ oi ♪ >> stephanie: best of christmas being canceled. times are tough right now. 22 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. you know one thing that makes me happy. john yarmuth of the great state of kentucky. i love him. he's one of our personal favorites. he said -- i just, you know, god bless him. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] he said he wouldn't regret losing his seat over tighter regulations on guns and invited the nra to spend money to oppose his re-election.
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that's the kind of courage we need. he told "the washington post," the power of the nra was greatly overstated. he asked the gun lobby to please spend money to oppose him because it would be wasted. guns are more likely to be used to harm the innocent than protect them. i was reading all of the statistics. melissa fitzgerald was here yesterday. you keep going online whether it is the brady center or wherever. i can't remember -- the incidents of when a gun is used to protect or stop this is like nil compared to the -- >> times people have been accidentally or purposely killed. he said i think it was the tipping point and it was the last straw. after aurora, columbine after all of the incidents you say okay, we have to keep up the drumbeat because it is when the drumbeat stops that we lose our opportunity to make changes. >> chase in the chat room has a good point. dems can and should run against them now.
6:24 am
great point. >> stephanie: i saw a lot of people -- you know, had been protesting and all of that. and the nra that's why they're scared. they know this is -- you know, i think one of the moms was saying these are babies now. now it is choosing between guns or kids, you know. somebody tweeted repatriot act passed 54 days. senate needs to move now. the whole nation. we can't do it. they won't really pass it. we can't do it this time. i think we can. melissa says it is on us now. call write your congress penn. let's go to carol in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: congress is only going to answer to the special interest people such as the koch brothers who have done nothing and will continue to do nothing but evil. and this shooting will probably go unanswered. i don't know what we can do about the koch brothers but somebody has to stop them and i
6:25 am
don't know who that might be because -- >> stephanie: carol, this is becoming less and less partisan if you listen to the joe scarboroughs and the people on both sides at this point saying we've got to have -- again it is reasonable gun laws. that's all we're talking about. jay carney yesterday at the white house. >> he's actively supportive of, for example senator feinstein's stated intent to revive a piece of legislation that would reinstate the assault weapons ban. >> stephanie: see. becoming more and more my favorite movie the american president. i'm sending the assault weapons ban to the floor. watch the movie! okay. then he also talked about the loophole. >> he supports and would support legislation that addresses the problem of the so-called gun show loophole. and there are other elements of gun law legislation -- gun
6:26 am
legislation that he could support. >> stephanie: james in pennsylvania. hi james. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i'm calling just about -- i'm getting fed up about how sick this country is. this country -- you get people like glenn beck on tv. now they're going to lay low for awhile and then they'll start talking. but this country is sick. it is sick to be able to allow this thing to go on forever and ever. >> stephanie: you know james it is interesting and again i'm not trying to pass a finger this way or that way we've talked about the mom here. a lot of -- the stuff she believed in is stuff glenn beck talks about. sometimes there is a price to be paid for selling fear and paranoia. you have to stockpile weapons because the end is coming and all of that stuff right? >> caller: don't you think she was a little sick like i'm trying to say. i know she's a victim, too. >> stephanie: yes, she is. by the way chris did you hear
6:27 am
this? i heard somewhere yesterday on the radio about she was going to have him committed or he found that out or that may have been part of the motive. >> i didn't hear that. >> stephanie: i don't know if it is true. there gets to be a lot of speculation. she also seemed, again like someone that was not a bad person. she was overwhelmed. i don't know if that's true. >> i'll look it up during the break. >> stephanie: who knows. >> but she's not here to defend herself. >> stephanie: there was a story we did yesterday about her telling people actively, i'm losing him. he's getting worse. he's trying to burn himself. >> she was an overwhelmed mother, that's for sure. >> stephanie: let's go to lauren in new jersey. hi lauren, welcome. hello, lauren. >> caller: hi, steph, how are you? i'm sorry about your bad day. >> stephanie: it's all right. go ahead. >> caller: i'm from new jersey and my husband is a policeman so we obviously have guns in our home. we've had guns in our home for 25 years. new jersey and new york city's gun laws are some of the strictest in the country.
6:28 am
i actually wrote congress and senate and governor christie and the president with the assault ban -- the assault weapon ban coming up and i said that if it is going to go federal, we should incorporate a lot of the laws that new jersey and new york city has. i was watching your show a couple of days ago and you had said when you want to adopt a puppy, they have to come and inspect your home. they should be allowed to come and inspect your home. if you have guns, your police chief should know it and be able to knock on your door on a tuesday afternoon and say ma'am i would like to check and see what you have in your home. if they're not locked up, you should be fined. >> stephanie: lauren, you raise a good point. that's why bloomberg makes good sense there. is cause and effect. there is a reason there is less gun violence in a huge city like new york city. right? >> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: you can't say oh, you can't ever stop it. yes, it does matter! there is direct cause and effect. lining we've been saying. -- like we've been saying.
6:29 am
assault with assault weapons tripled when the ironically named assault weapons ban expired. it does help! there is something we can do. we can't throw up our arms and say there's nothing we can do. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> relax. this is just temporary. like lesbianism at women's >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> now you come to elf practice and learn how to wiggle your ears and go hee hee and ho ho and important stuff like that. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. we were talking about the price
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of selling paranoia and fear and end of the world. is the world ending friday? what's happening? it is the mayan calendar right? >> i hope not. i have an ugly sweater party to go to. >> i've got a band performance to do on friday night. >> stephanie: that would suck. you know why? because we didn't take vacation until next week. we're going to work until the end of the world? i'll bet randi rhodes got a tip-off because she took this week off too. [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> she has her own personal mayan calendar. did the guy next door. [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> we didn't think this thing through, did we? >> stephanie: sucks to be us. let's go to david in milwaukee. welcome. >> caller: hello. >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: hi, i've got a great idea how "the stephanie miller show" could make a difference in this terrible situation we have. we all lose sight that the
6:35 am
carnage hasn't stopped stephanie. since sandy hook, over 150 people have died but no one is aware of that. >> stephanie: no. 80 people a day are killed by guns. >> caller: if you had, on the wall of your studio, a digital counter just like the republicans want to show how the debt goes up, if you had a digital counter that said gun deaths since sandy hook. you would get national exposure and this would be a constant reminder to people. i mean here in milwaukee we have the oak creek slaying three months ago. where six or seven people were killed. but what people don't realize, a month later, we had a shooting in a salon in brookfield, wisconsin where women were just having their hair done and three women were killed. >> stephanie: that happened out here, as well. david, you make a really good point that what kind of country do we live in where unless it's
6:36 am
26-year-old -- where unless it's 20 6-year-olds shot at point-blank range -- >> i think the most important thing you could do would be to have a visual reminder on the wall showing the number of people that are dying since sandy hook. >> stephanie: we're on a budget. it might need to be with crayon. >> caller: estimate it too. >> stephanie: david, it is a great idea. i'm giving. >> $100 pro flowers gift code. >> caller: how do i get it? >> stephanie: you'll hang on and give your info to travis. >> caller: i was raised, actually in burbank california. >> stephanie: well merry christmas from burbank. >> caller: that was in the '50s. >> stephanie: merry christmas honey. >> it has changed a little since then. >> stephanie: for the perfect holiday gift, go to and type in stephanie. obviously like this story was so horrible in so many ways but david brings up a good point.
6:37 am
[ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] yesterday, colorado man it is just an everyday occurrence now. colorado man had just been released from jail on domestic violence charges and killed three people including his ex-girlfriend who was on the phone with 911 when she was shot. can you imagine the person on the other end of the 911. then he shot and killed himself. victims includinged the ex-girlfriend's sister and her husband. she reported shots fired. they heard her cry no, no, no followed by a gunshot then a guy takes the phone and tells the dispatcher i just killed three people. dispatcher hears a single shot followed by violence. >> murder suicide, do the suicide part first please. >> take yourself out. do us all a favor. >> stephanie: nancy pelosi yesterday. >> how does it happen because a person with impaired judgment had access to firepower that should be outlawed. there's no reason why these assault magazines and that's
6:38 am
what they are. we've got to call them what they are. assault magazines. you aren't even allowed to have that on a hunting gun in california anyway. >> stephanie: you know, a lot of -- when you listen to this -- we've done all of the statistics all week. sheer size of the carnage in this country. i heard one of the gun guys, i don't know which one it is anymore. i think it was on cnn. these scenarios the hypotheticals, you need assault weapons because what if, you know, you're attacked by more than one person and you can't -- it's like really? >> you watch too many movies, first of all. >> some listener said stop talking about shooting down the b-52 with your gun because when they come for you, they're going to come on land. oh, come on, really? >> yeah. >> stephanie: all right. rocky -- >> believe in the hip okay lipt
6:39 am
cal fantasy land. >> stephanie: rocky in new jersey. hi rocky. >> caller: hi, guys, number one fan out here in new jersey. i'm one of your retired teachers. we had talked before. you don't want me to shoot a gun. you really don't. i'm in there. i'm there to teach kids. and you know what? if i heard one more time about a kid finding a gun and shooting himself, you know how many we've had in our school from that? people ought to show them the pictures. this is what you're supporting. show them the poor babies with bullet-ridden bodies. you know why the gun was not illegal? because it didn't have a grenade launcher. >> stephanie: yeah. >> are we out of our minds? are we losing our minds here? >> stephanie: rocky i have to say, it particularly galls me after all of the teachers i talked to and all of this union
6:40 am
bashing and cutbacks and teacher bashing that the republicans have done in state after state and you know, they want cutbacks and they want this and they want that. really? they want you to be -- they want to pay a taxpayer money to arm you and train you? it is incredible. >> we're not trying to say they don't -- i put myself in the way of a knife. i put myself between -- that's what we do. we're not -- i think everyone would do it to save kids. we're there. you put your kids in our charge and we'll do anything to keep them safe and protect them. god bless those teachers up there. i mean you don't really know the lengths that we would go to protect your children and think about that the next time you have to approve a budget. >> stephanie: thank you. thanks rocky. yeah. oh boy. yeah. it is like i was saying over the weekend, you just like -- somehow you can't watch it --
6:41 am
you can't stop watching even though -- did you see this? there are all of these -- memorials -- >> funerals. >> stephanie: a little boy wrote a letter. to his best friend that he lost. there are pictures of the two of them together. john lost his best pal jack pinto in last week's shooting. "usa today." they photographed the note and it just says jack, you are my best friend. we had fun together. i will talk to you in my prayers. i love you jack. love john. he was the new york giants fan that was laid to rest, number 80 jersey. his favorite player. you know, that's what's going on all this week. funerals of 6-year-olds, you know. >> six more today. >> stephanie: are there? uh-oh. i made you cry. sorry. normally -- i keep it to myself. sorry. i can't -- >> i don't cry too easily. you did it this time. >> stephanie: you knew not to make eye contact when i said i
6:42 am
lost my puppy yesterday. let's go to larry in minneapolis. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi larry. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: this weekend, i went to get my conceal and carry commit just out of morbid curiosity. i'm 22 years military special forces guy. i know everything there is to know go guns and literally the people in the class had no idea which end of the gun to point and now they are certified to carry a weapon anywhere in annapolis. you can carry a handgun but you can't carry a machete you will be arrested for that. >> stephanie: yeah. exactly. oi. dick's sporting goods has said it has removed all guns from its store nearest to newtown connecticut and is banning sale from its chains of semi-automatic weapons. >> for how long? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: good for them but let's -- exactly, out of respect for the victims and the
6:43 am
families last week. it was unclear how long. >> bring them back. >> stephanie: by the way they're known as modern sporting rifles. modern sporting. >> what sport do you use them for? >> stephanie: i think we know. yeah. again, it comes after reports about whether that adam lanza tried to buy a gun from dick's. you know. that's exactly right. like whether it is the nra or whoever, how long? is this just going to be something they pay lip service because they have to look indecent and then they don't actually -- >> or are they going to work up to their name. >> i think most republicans are willing to have a serious conversation about what this means and they're taking a second look at what the second amendment means in the 21st century. >> stephanie: well good. exactly. what the "new york post" was saying as i read earlier. the nra finally did a radio statement. >> from all of us here at nra, our hearts go out to the people of newtown
6:44 am
connecticut. and the folks who are grieving tonight after the horrendous murders at the sandy hook elementary. >> stephanie: okay. so they will hold a press conference friday to see if there is anything that will back that up. >> they're doing it on friday when nobody's watching the news. it is a friday afternoon. >> stephanie: andrew in california. hi andrew. >> caller: how are you doing? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: actually, i have comments on two of the things you had mentioned earlier. first one, in texas they want to let people carry guns into classrooms. i think that's what you were saying earlier. >> stephanie: rick perry yes supports having teachers have guns yeah. >> caller: texas is great because they'll let you carry guns into amusement parks and into churches and now they're going to add schools to that list. the one place they don't let you carry guns into is when the state assembly is meeting. nobody in the gallery can have a gun. or if you go tour the governor's
6:45 am
mansion, you can't have a gun with you. kind of ironic, i think. >> you know what though? amusement parks that is ultimately private property. how can the government tell the owner of that private property what patrons can and can't bring on to their property? i don't get that. >> caller: yeah. exactly. the other point i wanted to make is you know, between elementary school, high school, college four years in graduate school, in 20 years of education of going to school, i have never had one single teacher i would have felt comfortable with knowing if i had a gun. >> stephanie: i'm going back over my high schoolteachers. >> second grade teacher miss french no, i would not want her carrying a gun. >> mr. fobb, he was a head case. he was talking about -- a jet flew overhead. noise pollution. went right on back to talking
6:46 am
about it. >> stephanie: oh boy. great, a teacher with an overstartled response. >> nice. >> i think dr. hunsaker might have been packing heat every day. i think she was. >> is that who you are? >> stephanie: i'm picturing mrs. thornton who had glasses the thickest -- and her eyes were looking different ways. >> little googly eyed. >> stephanie: you couldn't tell who she was looking at in class. that might have been a little disturbing. yeah. ooh. then there was the one priest with the really bad anger management problem. now that i'm looking back, oh, boy. 46 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's like a mensa meeting with fart jokes. it's "the stephanie miller show."
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(vo) you've heard stephanie's views, >> no bs, authentic, the real thing. (vo) now let's hear yours. direct line to stephanie miller. >> the only thing that can save america now, current television. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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♪ i'm riding in your car ♪ ♪ you turn on ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ i say i don't like ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ because you know i'm a liar ♪ ♪ fire ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. paul -- hi, marlene. >> caller: hi. greetings from liberal portland. yes, i've been a teacher for 25 years. 11 years at a high school. this is the home of the clackamas mall shooting. and just afterwards, there were two gun incidents where i teach
6:52 am
across the river in vancouver washington with students bringing guns to school and another one with a threat. and i have never ever been afraid of my students. and my students are so afraid right now. the last two days, this is the first day of my vacation. the last two days, they have been afraid. some of them have stayed home. and i don't want a gun. i'm sorry. teachers should not be armed. absolutely correct. this is the stupidest idea i have ever heard. i have faith in young people when they passed gay marriage and the marijuana legalization in washington states. my students were so proud. they were like look what we did. we're young people. they're 18. they're out. 16-year-olds of mine were out working for obama. i have so much faith in young people and it just makes me sick that this is happening in our schools. >> stephanie: i know. >> caller: republicans can't figure out hello we don't need
6:53 am
guns. we need fewer people in the classroom. we need mental health professionals. we have a nurse in our school three days instead of five. psychologists that are in two or three days instead of five. we need support! we need help! >> stephanie: absolutely. by the way chris you said you did confirm that there is a report that he -- keep forgetting his name which is good. lanza had become aware that his mom was going to have him committed. because you know, she knew it was getting worse. the whole thing is just tragic. by the way speaking of -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] she was just talking about marriage equality. our good friend, mr. todd akin, mr. legitimate rape. guess what he's working on before he goes. he's the one that said this thing about legitimate rape, a woman has a way to -- women in missouri had a way to shut down that whole electoral process to put you in office. [ applause ] he has one last task before leaving the house to try to
6:54 am
undercut don't ask don't tell. in may, the house approved a version of the national defense authorization act that includes religious conscience clause by akin. under akin's proposal, a service member could cite his or her religious believes on homosexual for refusing to serve alongside gay colleagues or treating them differently. a service member could object to being housed in the same facility as someone who is gay. akin says it is necessary to prevent service members from being persecuted for their views. >> okay. >> stephanie: language could allow the persecution of service members on the basis of their sexual orientation. it carves out a set of special rights for those who who want to discriminate. >> did he cite one example of any christians being persecuted? >> stephanie: no. >> it might take the gay out of them. >> stephanie: the white house released a statement noting akin's provision and another measure banning the use of -- a ceremony for same sex unions could be harmful.
6:55 am
>> breathing gay air makes you guy. >> stephanie: the two main republican negotiators are behind -- want akin's conscience clause to remain in the bill, john mccain and ann mckeon. john mccain who still thinks it is not the policy. >> it is not the policy. >> john mccain is very, very old! his generation won't be around much longer. >> stephanie: both the defense department and outside studies have found little evidence that any don't ask don't tell has had any negative response at all it turns out it is -- the republicans in congress are the real threat. how is that not going to undermine unit cohesion if you give people the right to say i'm not going to serve -- don't ask don't tell. you give certain people the act to be -- i don't want to serve with or -- what a ridiculous idea.
6:56 am
when is he gone? how much longer do we have? >> i think january 3rd is when everyone is sworn in. >> stephanie: tara in california. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i called about the flowers actually. no. >> stephanie: too late for you. >> caller: i have to tell you though, in my personal opinion this is about way more than guns at this point. this is about do nothing congress. this is about people selling fear and paranoia and wanting to turn us all into chicken littles. and giving us the impression that we can't do something about this. we can. i'm a 60-year-old aging hippie. we did it before and we can do it again. i love the woman who talked about her students in class. i do have a lot of faith in the young people. because they do understand that we do have a role here. this is not a spectator sport. our government is our responsibility. and when we, the people, stand up, we're going to get some action. but we have to quit standing around and kowtowing to the special interest people. the koch brothers are absolutely
6:57 am
evil and horrible and we have to do something about them and the whole do nothing congress. todd akin first. >> stephanie: exactly. that's what i said. do something. call your senator your congressperson. dave in phoenix. hi dave. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: you know, i hate to be -- first time caller. please be gentle. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: you guys catch the piers morgan interview? >> i saw a clip of it. >> stephanie: with who? >> gun owners of america guy. >> caller: frankly this guy scares the bejesus out of me more than the nra. >> at the end of the interview piers morgan called him crazy nuts. >> he called piers morgan chamberlain. he was like trying to say that oh, if you take away the ar-15s, the south koreans
6:58 am
who -- something about the l.a. riots. >> this isn't "red dawn." we aren't going to take out the chinese. >> communists! in helicopters. >> come on. >> stephanie: 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: thank you. we collided. >> stephanie: okay. forgot to turn my microphone on. hello. this close to vacation.
6:59 am
okay. jacki schechner. >> yes? >> stephanie: in the current news center. what are you hearing about the fiscal cliff? i can't keep track. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] it seems like boehner has a plan b now which is not even a feasible plan. >> it is sort of strange they're calling it plan b considering how much they hate contraception. >> stephanie: right, i know it. >> he's offered up a plan now just in case he and the president can't come to a deal which would allow tax cuts to expire for people making more than a million dollars a year. that's the latest. but it doesn't mean he's not negotiating with the president anymore. it is just his alternative to coming to a deal because he doesn't want to look bad if the tax cuts expire for everyone. republicans will get blamed if that happens. >> stephanie: thank you for that waste of everybody's time, boehner. here she is in the current news center, jacki schechner. >> good morning, everyone. an independent panel researching what happened in benghazi on september 11th is out with its report. and its findings lay heavy blame on the state department.
7:00 am
it cites systemic failures and deficiencies in leadership and management. the report calls benghazi security efforts grossly inadequate. no one person is singled out in a report for having ignored or violated his or her responsibilities. but before it does hone in on chastising two departments within the state department, that would be the bureau of diplomatic security and the bureau of affairs. they lacked coordination and communication to protect our mission in benghazi. the report didn't find out anything new about the attack itself. we did find out that there was no protest that sparked the ambush as we know. this was all of the work of terrorists. the report makes 29 recommendations and secretary of state clinton says she will accept them all. she says there are already some recommendations in the plan. they've started implementing those. one would be using more marine guards to protect our diplomatic missions abroad. hawaii senator daniel inouye who
7:01 am
passed away on monday at the age of 88 will lie in state at the capitol rotunda tomorrow. it is an honor reserved for a president and civic leaders of the highest rank. and also on news this morning that former solicitor general and controversial supreme court nominee robert borke has died. president reagan nominated borke to the supreme court back in 1987 but the senate rejected him. he died of heart complications in a virginia hospital this morning. he was 84 years old. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us. kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those type. those types are coming on to me all the time now. she get's the comedians laughing... that hilarious. and the thinkers thinking. joy okay so. there's wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me? >>she's joy behar. joy and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? > only on current tv. brought to you by geico 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. visit geico dot com for a free rate quote.
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♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. sexy liberal hal sparks joins us next hour. for hump days with hal sparks. by the way tickets really, really, really going fast for january 19th, washington, d.c., sexy liberal palooza, the brady center cause to prevent gun violence. trust me, kids, it is getting close. there's not that many tickets left. i would go. all four sexy liberals, hal sparks me, aisha tyler, john fuglesang, chris and jim opening the show. do it. we're getting a private white house tour. we're so excited. >> i can't wait! >> stephanie: jim once again don't cause a situation in the situation room! not many people get to go in there. >> that's the place for a situation. >> stephanie: are we having a situation here?
7:06 am
>> oh, my god. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. we're two days from vacation. we're running on fumes. okay. >> is that where the situation lives? >> stephanie: right. exactly. >> is there a snooki room? >> stephanie: can i be j wow? let's dive into the right-wing world. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] here we go on bill o'reilly on handguns. >> it is interesting to see the far left calling for a ban of all handguns. that's clearly unconstitutional. the answer to that? well, the constitution is outmoded. >> well, yeah. >> stephanie: that's what the "new york post" says. >> the far left should be pushing that point of view for years. the truth is they don't like the constitution. because they want the federal government to have far more power than it already has. and they use appalling crimes like newtown to push that agenda.
7:07 am
>> that horrible agenda. >> maybe first graders shouldn't be shot to death. >> stephanie: he didn't get the memo from his boss, rupert murdoch about the "new york post" editorial about how the second amendment needs to be revisited in the wake of assault weapons. >> bill, you're fired! >> stephanie: who is he talking about that said let's ban owl handguns? >> not a single person. >> the far left wants to ban all handguns and hammers because those could be used to kill people, too. >> there isn't a single person that said ban all handguns. >> stephanie: it is the far left straw men. some say. it is like no. nobody has said that. bernard on o'reilly. >> there should be a reasonable period of time when we simply mourn. television is our national cathedral. it is where we all go when there's an american tragedy. we go there to grieve together and to witness what's going on together. and there should be no politics.
7:08 am
>> what did bill just do? >> they start in on their agenda. >> o'reilly in his talking points memo opened the show politicizing -- >> stephanie: mike huckabee going on fox and blaming the lack of god in the classroom and victoria jackson going on fox and blaming abortion. this preacher and that preacher blaming the gays. >> we shouldn't politicize this thing but the far left, with their lefty leftness. >> stephanie: right. the left saying gee i wonder if guns had anything to do with this. maybe we should look at that! okay. guns and mental health were in any way involved in this. okay. see, there i go exploiting again. mike huckabee, oh, there he is. >> on friday. neil cavuto asked me where was god? i said it for 50 years. we've systemically attempted to have god removed from our schools, our public activities but then the moment we have a
7:09 am
calamity we wonder where he was. the predictable left lit up the airwaves with a violent and vicious reaction and jumped to the conclusion that i said if we had prayer in school, the shooting wouldn't have happened. i said nothing of the sort. >> no, that's what you said. >> that's what you said. >> we played it. [ ♪ battle hymn of republic ♪ ] >> stephanie: did you see this? a letter to mike huckabee. i would like to think it was overwhelming sadness that we systemically remove god interest public schools. i would like to think shock was the reason for your misguided remarks. cynicism leads me to believe you made such statements for political posturing or to keep up with the conservative radio shock jocks. i want to suggest you visit your local public school before passing such judgment in the future. if you visited a neighborhood elementary school like sandy hook or any public school, you would see god's presence in the teaching of jesus christ are well represent by the works of people in those buildings. now perhaps it isn't seen in the way you want. there aren't readings from the
7:10 am
bible. the ten commandments aren't posted in the classroom nor are the pillars of islam but his presence and teaching are demonstrated and felt. you see, mr. huck berks if you visited the schools you denounce for removing symbols of god, you would see his work takes place every day. [ applause ] teaches diving in front of bullets for their kids, that's not christ-like? >> it is god's will, apparently. >> stephanie: okay. >> they were punished for not being godly enough. >> stephanie: okay. supreme court justice antone scalia. isn't he supposed to be in court instead of on fox news? >> this was earlier this year but it has relevance to what's been going on. >> yes, there are some limitations that can be imposed. what they are will depend on what the society understood were reasonable limitations. >> the amendment does not apply to arms that cannot be hand carried. it is to keep and bear so it
7:11 am
doesn't apply to canons. i suppose there are hand-held rocket launchers that can bring down airplanes that will have to be -- it will have to be decided. >> it will have to be decided. >> stephanie: by sadly you i guess. >> we're not sure if people can have rocket-propelled launchers. >> stephanie: if you can bear it, it is not that heavy. >> carry a stinger missile, you should have one. >> i don't like the look of that triple 7 up there. it looks kind of communist cal. >> how is that relevant to a well-regulated militia? tell me. has scalia mentioned that part of the second amendment? >> stephanie: no. okay. >> it says unregulated whack jobs. >> oh, i see. >> stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> why is it that the anti-gun people never use violence in urban neighborhoods as an example of why we have to get rid of guns? a gun is a gun.
7:12 am
people die when one is used. philadelphia detroit same thing. oakland, california. exactly right. look at the gun violence took place in oakland against the cops and so forth. the anti-second amendment crowd never gins up, do they? >> stephanie: racial something there? >> or nothing. yeah. >> stephanie: okay. left is often talked about -- left has often talked about banning gun violence everywhere. >> but the blacks! >> stephanie: okay. >> let me say it again. blacks! >> stephanie: okay. all right. racial animosity there. all right. sean hannity on the fiscal cliff. >> the problem that i and other true conservatives have with boehner's plan b is it punishes the very people responsible for creating jobs in the country. >> oh, shut up. >> speaker is following directly into the president's class warfare trap. instead of fighting for the
7:13 am
principles that handed his party to the majority. he was sent to washington like all republicans to reduce the size of government and cut taxes. not the opposite. as a result, i think it is time we go back to the drawing board and draft up a conservative solution to the so-called fiscal -- >> stephanie: because you just won the election. oh no, you didn't. >> obama just gave. >> huge gift. two of them actually. >> stephanie: all right. [ applause ] i'm waiting until hal gets here. i need reinforcements. stop it! [ buzzer ] okay. let's go to -- okay. hi sean. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> caller: i was just wondering we've had high schools -- >> stephanie: yes, sir? everybody clear.
7:14 am
okay, go ahead. >> caller: we've had school resource officers, police officers in high schools and junior high schools i guess they call it middle schools somewhere for at least the 20 years since i went to high school. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: so i was doing some research and apparently it is the policy most places that they float one resource officer between three to five elementary schools. wouldn't the most effective like immediate thing that we could do be to get a school resource officer into each of the elementary schools? >> he's listening to himself. >> that's why i'm talking so slowly. >> oh, boy. >> because i am listening to the words that i am saying. >> stephanie: i'm not with the more guns crowd.
7:15 am
okay. let's go to -- where are we? susan in knoxville tennessee. hi. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: listen, i just want to -- put this out there. part of the responsible gun laws includes the responsibility of the gun owners. and i know it's not popular and you don't want to talk about the mother but stephanie she didn't choose to just buy a handgun for protection. she chose to buy the most powerful gun out there that would do the most damage in the shortest amount of time. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: she chose to take her mentally unstable child out teach him how to use it and she chose to keep the weapon in her home. >> stephanie: we've talked about this. >> caller: we've got to be -- we have to stress the responsibility of the gun owners and to say she well, she's gone and she did everything she could to help him. no she did not! >> stephanie: we've talked about that, susan. it was a particularly toxic mix
7:16 am
of stuff unfortunately. >> she was a survivalist. she was preparing for armageddon. she found it. >> stephanie: 17 minutes after the hour. we continue, more on the fiscal cliff. hal sparks joins us in just a bit as we continue on "the stephanie miller show." >> that happened and we all let it happen. >> it's "the stephanie miller show."
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. >> stephanie miller ♪ i've got your number ♪ ♪ i need to make you mine ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ don't change your number ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the
7:20 am
stephanie miller show." 22 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. don't call the other one. all right. this letter is so great. the open letter from the pta mom to mike huckabee. [ ♪ battle hymn of republic ♪ ] it is incredible to me. like clockwork it is the left politicizing and exploiting this. there is mike huckabee saying it is because we took god out of classrooms. because we have separation of church and state. great stuff. she says for many students at public school, it is their only normalcy. like educators across the nation, my husband and his staff work daily with homeless children broken children, they feet their bodies, characters and minds and souls. they do it for little pay and lousy benefits. they do it despite the disrespect from parents and the public. they do it in the face of disdain from politicos who claim they're policing taxpayer money. they do it even as they're called union thugs. educators are god's workers. no other reason to think a
7:21 am
person would endure so much to receive so little. christ-like, really? >> is huckabee's point god killed those kids because he felt he wasn't being mentioned stuff in school? is that your point? >> what exactly -- >> stephanie: how is that not politicizing a tragedy. i have to read a tiny bit more. by kimberly burkett. perhaps your efforts would be better spent not trying to bring your particular brand of religion into a classroom but instead supporting public schools and the work he does through them. education budgets have been slashed nationwide. students learn in overcrowded classrooms with outdated technology. our teachers are being pushed out of the profession by unrealistic accountability systems and to change classroom into testing factories. god's work but your concern is reciting scripture in the classroom, really? mr. huckabee, why are you and other sanctimonious detractors more concerned that educators don't lead children in prayer?
7:22 am
why are you saddened children aren't taught biblical parables instead of the miracles that occur every day. if you don't see god in educators, you're not looking. schools don't need to preach the gospel to bring god into the classroom. he never left. good stuff! pta mom's letter to mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> stephanie: let's go to marie in florida. hi marie. hey, marie. >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: steph, there's one thing that -- you'll have to excuse me. i've been crying for weeks. >> stephanie: i'm sorry. >> caller: the six beautiful teachers that face this young man, i'm talking slow because i'm so upset. had more -- than the men that we
7:23 am
elected to go to washington. they run and hide. they don't have -- the begin ards to stand up against the rifle association and that letter you just read was beautiful. beautiful. >> stephanie: marie, thank you. thank you, honey. i know. listen everybody i know has been -- you know crying in bits -- you just cried this morning. >> you made me. >> stephanie: only when i drop something heavy on you have i seen you do that before. by accident, of course, you remember. >> of course. sure. >> stephanie: let's go to keith in milwaukee. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi keith. >> caller: hi, guys, how is it going? >> stephanie: good. to start off amongst the grief just want to give you glad tidings of joy. "time" magazine named barack obama the man of the year. >> stephanie: that's right. we reported that earlier. it is a very well placed. >> caller: indeed. i'm look forward to the future. anyhow republicans always seem
7:24 am
to be concerned about business and cost benefit and all of this. yesterday "time" magazine came out with some figures about the economic impact of guns. and one of the things that they mentioned is that the gun industry makes something like $6 billion a year in revenue. you know. kind of some of the blood money in the first place. we look at all of the other associated costs with firearms in this country. i would bet these costs way exceed the revenue brought in by guns. >> stephanie: yeah well, boy that's an amazing figure what they make on guns. i was saying that -- again, i probably know the least about guns of anybody. i hate them. there are some things i have heard now like this fingerprint i.d. it is one piece of technology that again i think you should be looking at anything that might help. if it means it has to be the gun owner. it won't fire unless it is your fingerprints or whatever. it seems like -- >> gun owners -- >> stephanie: right.
7:25 am
i'm just saying that -- your gun being used against you or someone taking it that shouldn't have one. let's go to angie in virginia. hi angie. >> caller: hi. sorry. >> stephanie: that's okay. >> caller: sorry. long time caller, first time listener. what i wanted to say is exactly what you were talking about. since we're never going to make a smarter human isn't it time we start thinking about and demanding by law that manufacturers start making smarter guns with the magnetic ring technology or biometric safety features on every weapon created. you want it, you register it to you and you're the only one who can ever use it. >> stephanie: that's what i was saying to me, you look at anything that would help. would sensible gun laws help? yes. would better mental health in this country help? yes. a lot of things would help. would less violent movies and video games help? yeah. jim, you were talking about discovery channel canceled american guns.
7:26 am
again, it is -- nobody's trying to squelch people's first amendment. it is voluntary. but you know, a lot of people think it glamorizes guns. they made a decision. let's go to -- let's see. e. j. in lansing. hi, e. j. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i just wanted to say i listen to your show earlier and you were talking -- you played the clip with rush limbaugh where he says that nobody really pays attention to the media doesn't pay attention to gun deaths that occur in places like philadelphia, detroit, atlanta and so on. urban cities. as much as i don't like the pillsbury doughboy, i would have to agree with him on this. it takes an instance such as something that happened at columbine or the incident that happened the other day in connecticut. >> stephanie: e.j., i disagree. philadelphia 20 6-year-olds had been shot and killed, i'm sure
7:27 am
there would be the exact same coverage, don't you think? i think that's just rush trying to gin up some sort of racial element to this. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> they sit around in their underwear and fornicating in the stairwell. >> sounds like fun to me. >> stephanie: boston was fun. 34 minutes past the hour. >> the wilbur theatre stairwell >> this is a lot liability first christmas. except we did get a room. none of us are virgins and instead of the baby jesus, we have a plate of cheeses. >> stephanie: it is "the
7:32 am
stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh, there are little christmas gifts if you look. >> are there? >> stephanie: rick snyder's popularity plummets. one of the most unpop lash governors in the country. only 38% of voters approve. he's dropped 28 points from the last poll not much -- the right-to-work law and his other actions by the republican legislature that are driving the precipitous drop in his popularity. [ applause ] i think buh-bye rick snyder and scott walker. it is relevant, jim. this conversation we've heard from a lot of teachers this morning. it is these republican governors that have been doing all of this teacher bashing and union bhashing and cutbacks and you know, now they want them to be navy seals on top of teaching i guess.
7:33 am
taxpayer money for that. >> less money and more responsibility. and they're already buying supplies for their students because the schools don't have the budget for that, i guess. thanks to people like rick scott. >> stephanie: we talked about these six teachers, made the ultimate sacrifice for the kids. okay. another silver lining we were saying. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] again, we can't get rid of the first amendment. we can't get rid of the second amendment. however, there are things that might help. this is voluntary discovery channel. american guns canceled. as hollywood wrestles with links to gun violence. part of what we've been talking about. we all have to put our sacred cows on the table and look at them. discovery channel's popular -- that's, by the way canceling a hit show? that takes -- that you don't have to hear about. it is about a family of gunmakers, american guns came under intense scrutiny in the wake of the massacre in connecticut. people who were flooding the
7:34 am
show's facebook page calling for its cancellation. melissa was saying yesterday this is on us now. we can do this. clearly, a lot of republicans other people are having changes of heart on guns in the wake of all of this. people are letting -- i think i heard that. white house petition has gotten more signatures than anything ever in terms of -- assault weapons ban. >> that's what i heard. >> stephanie: a lot of people were putting on the facebook page it makes buying guns seem glamorous, fun and normal. another tweeted it is not appropriate showing the program american guns now. the critics were hurt. it is not currently broadcasting. new episodes will be canceled and will not return for a third season. jim, again, there are all of these different -- this one, the firearm coalition, i don't know which one they are. they responded, it doesn't surprise me discovery may be lowering the profile of gun coverage. nonetheless, this tragedy has as much to do about lawful use of
7:35 am
carss has the lawful use of cars have to do with a car bombing. [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] >> the cars aren't designed to kill people. that's the sole purpose of the guns is to kill people. >> lousy analogy. >> stephanie: actor jamie foxx told "the associated press" the entertainment industry needs to start bearing some responsibility for the violent content it produces. >> quentin tarantino doesn't agree. >> we cannot turn our back and say the violence that does have some sort of influence. it does. and as jim just mentioned director quentin tarantino, of course disagrees. he's tired of having to defend his movies saying tragedies happen. the tarantino movie, by the way i don't know which the new one is. >> djang unchained. >> stephanie: it was described as so violent, they had to leave the theatre midway through. it is set for release christmas day. they wonder if producer harvey
7:36 am
weinstein who has called for a movie sum lit look to delay its release. given the current -- anyway, i think it is good that at least people are talking about every part of it. guns mental health and this. audiences are also questioning the upcoming sean penn film, gangster squad. i guess a lot of the ads are violent. they were airing during the nfl games. a lot of people were watching with their kids. several studies pointed out connection between television and real-life aggression. again, we had my friend, dr. wanda on who said there are studies on the violent video games because they're interactive and anyway, interesting. one executive at lions gate said hollywood is an easy target to point the finger of blame at. no one can say there isn't too much violence but these images -- you made this point chris. the images are available in virtually every civilized nation in the world yet no country has the death by firearms epidemic that exists in america. our violent video games are seen
7:37 am
everywhere yet you don't see this level of violence in other countries. that's why, to me, the larger chunk of this is automatic weapons. but you know, i think it is all has something to do with it. let's go to bob in north carolina. >> caller: hi, stephanie. how are you? i love you guys so much. i wish i could see you in d.c. my daughter is going to get me the previous cd for christmas. >> stephanie: oh yeah. >> caller: listen, i'm so curious as to why we haven't seen the faces of john mccain and lindsey graham and their outrage over loss of american lives that he with saw for the last three months. they have been conspicuously an scent from -- absent from tv. >> stephanie: you mean the connecticut tragedy? >> yes. they've not said a word about these 26 wonderful people that lost their lives. >> stephanie: "meet the press" said they asked 31 pro gun legislators to appear and no one
7:38 am
would come on. >> they're all hiding. for huckabee and the other gentleman you spoke of that said if god was a gentleman every profile of the kids and their families had any say about -- they were all very active in their churches. they did have god in their lives and i can't understand why they think their excuse from his protection just because they were in school that day. >> stephanie: absolutely. good point. let's go to scott in pasadena. >> caller: hi, there. a quick question for you that why is it that gun owners aren't willing to -- consider this a second. you have to get a driver's license and take a test. you have to -- >> stephanie: can't be drunk. you have to wear a seat belt. you can't use an assault weapon. >> why is it that the gun -- this is a compromise. i would really rather there not be any or at least you know, but
7:39 am
politics is the art of compromise. why can't we talk to them and say listen, register! just registering a gun because i think if everything was registered the bullets are then traceable. you've got -- think of it as and an albetween cars and guns. if everyone has to pass a test to even own one, let alone to shoot one wouldn't that obviously make it a lot more difficult for the average person just to go -- you just can't go and walk in and buy one. >> stephanie: scott, i was saying -- it is interesting, a lot of the analogies that were made. we were talking about anyone that's in the dog rescue area like i am. i mean it is amazing what you have to go through to rescue a dog. there's background checks. they go to your house. >> caller: yeah. and it is just -- all of the things that we have to go through with the dmv. think about that. if they had that ability -- this
7:40 am
is, like i said, this is compromise. this is that whole thing that boehner and obama are trying to do right now is compromise. this is a compromise. i don't love it. i would like it if there were none at all or at least only for hunting purposes, personally because hey i'm on the -- >> stephanie: me too. >> but at the same time, wouldn't that at least then put everything sort of above board? and what is the argument -- if i try to play devil's advocate, what is the argument from the far right. you can't do that, you can't do that but they have no problem with the fact that we register cars and we register dogs. see where i'm going? >> stephanie: absolutely. honestly, jim, i don't even get -- i can't speak to -- i don't get the pleasure of saying -- i was telling you i shot a gun for one of the first times like last year. >> you freaked out. >> stephanie: yes, i started crying. it was horrible. it is loud.
7:41 am
i can't -- i'm sorry die understand hunting. i don't see how that's fun to watch anything die. i don't mean to be a hypocrite. i do eat meat. as a sport. it is something that people say it is fun. i don't get why it's fun. that's all i'm saying. >> teddy roosevelt was sort of -- he created the national parks and was a friend of nature but he also enjoyed killing the animals in nature. >> stephanie: yeah. i get that i'm a hypocrite. i eat meat. but i'm saying i don't understand why people say it is a hobby or fun. and i don't get you know, teaching your 9-year-old -- >> it would be a sport if they could shoot back. >> there's that. >> it would be sporting. >> stephanie: ray in texas. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi ray. >> caller: hey, stephanie. calling from fort worth. >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i'm a little concerned, december 21st is around the corner. we have a lot of survivalist you mentioned the discovery
7:42 am
channel. i hear they're heavily armed. heavily armed element with large arsenals of weapons. myself, i'm not going to drive around on the 21st here in texas. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: by the way out here in california, my psychic friends actually says it is just going to be a shift to the positive. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] not the end of the world. it is a cosmic shift on the 21st. >> it is passing through the galaxy, the milky way i understand. >> stephanie: my numerologist says that's bull [ bleep ] just kidding. i don't know. >> it actually is something that they predicted. >> stephanie: really? all right. we'll see. i like your analogy about it would only be sport if the animals could shoot back. if we could even the odds a little bit. >> they kind of need opposable thumbs for that.
7:43 am
>> stephanie: that's why i never got when they called horseback riding for exercise. what is it that it's exercise for you? right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> it is a combination of low self-esteem, low blood sugar and mixing red wine with my dog's painkillers. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." "talking points" that the right have about "the heavy hand of government". i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really. really! that you're gonna lay people off because now the government's going to help you fund your health care. really? i wanna be able to have those conversations. not just to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying. and you know, i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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>> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. ... and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . ♪ all right. take it easy baby ♪ ♪ make it last all night ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ an american girl ♪
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>> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." 50 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. toll free from anywhere. we've all become statistics geeks but i gotta say because we keep -- we're debating now president obama -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] supports senator feinstein's legislation banning assault weapons and other potential gun measures. the white house said yesterday there is cause and effect. people just -- i can't stand these talking points anymore. there's really nothing we can do. bad person wants to do bad things. blah, blah blah. whatever. >> no country in the world has more guns per capita. some 300 million firearms here in the united states. one for nearly every adult. >> seems a little excessive. >> stephanie: i love this line. experts from the harvard school of public health using data from 26 developed countries have shown that wherever there are
7:49 am
more firearms,er, there are more homicides. i don't think you need to be from harvard to come to that conclusion. the murder rate is 15 times that of other wealthy countries which have much tougher laws. there is another -- >> coincidence? >> stephanie: another important difference between this country and the rest of the world, other nations have suffered similar rampages and guess what! they've done something about it. >> australia, for example. >> stephanie: jim i say it. >> oh, lord. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] it. >> stephanie: he already ignores me and we don't have sex. australia is an excellent example, jim. it actually says jim in here which is weird. >> that is bizarre. >> stephanie: it is an example, jim. >> new zealand. >> close enough. >> stephanie: in 1996, a lone gunman killed 35 people from a semi-automatic weapon. within weeks, the australian government was working to ban assault weapons. tightened licensing had gun
7:50 am
amnesty and buyback programs. guess what. the laws have worked. firearm homicides in australia quite coincidentally have dropped 59% between 1995 and 2006. in the years before, there were 13 gun massacres resulting in 102 deaths with none in that category since. that would be none! >> zero. zilch! >> stephanie: okay. 16 children and their teacher were killed by a gunman in scotland in 1996. the british government banned all private ownership of automatic weapons and virtually all handguns. guess what. the result has been a decline in murders involving firearms. >> imagine that! [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: how does that -- okay. in japan which has very strict laws only 11 people killed with guns in 2008 compared with 12,000 deaths by firearms that year alone in the united states. huge disparity obviously.
7:51 am
mayor bloomberg said we're the only industrialized country that has this problem in the whole world. the only one. >> we're number one. >> stephanie: america. >> american exceptionalism. great. >> stephanie: okay. ryan in illinois. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi ryan. hello, ryan. max in arkansas. >> this is max. >> i was going to make a comment about these assault rifles. you know, even in the military, they don't give you an m-16 when you get there. you're observed and when they do give you one, you don't get any bullets. and when they do give you bullets, they're blanks. now the tax taxpayers spend billions training soldiers in that manner. you should be able to buy that
7:52 am
across the counter. >> stephanie: very good point. katherine in madison. hello. >> caller: hello. >> stephanie: hello, katherine, go ahead. >> caller: hi, i've been glad to hear you say you wanted to look at the big picture and not just talking points. i really appreciated it. someone mentioned on the radio the other day one of the talk show hosts about the greatest disparity in treating violent crimes so i googled. there is a lot written about it even with the world bank. i think when you take that disparity and you put profits before people, it is a big part of what's going on. >> stephanie: mm-hmm. good point. paula in utah, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi paula. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i discovered current tv this year and i feel like i've been more informed than i ever have been in my life. >> stephanie: aw, thank you. >> caller: you're welcome. quick story before i get to my point. i worked factory production job right to work for less state.
7:53 am
and i work 12 hours a day monday through friday, 10 hours on saturday. 8 hours on sunday. after about six months, went to our boss and told him that we were getting worn out. we didn't know how much longer we could do it. he said he didn't care. when we couldn't do it anymore they would find somebody else to do it. >> stephanie: nice. nice. >> caller: anyway, the main reason i called was because i heard this morning that president obama has put it on the table to -- social security. >> stephanie: we're going to talk about that. hal is going to be in a few minutes and we're going to talk about the latest on the fiscal cliff. >> caller: i feel totally betrayed. >> i know. >> stephanie: he hasn't done it yet. >> we're still in negotiating. >> happy clappy. >> it is still part of the negotiations. >> stephanie: we'll get to the -- panic buttons what liberals should and shouldn't
7:54 am
freak out about. i'm going to get the meg if a gone out. -- the megaphone out. clint in florida. hello, clint. >> caller: yes ma'am. this is the first time i've watched the show. and i'll also throw in that i'm a member of the nra and i've been a gun owner ex-military. but that doesn't necessarily mean that i agree with every piece of you know, anti-gun ban -- i'm not against it, you know. it seems like whenever i listen to wayne lapierrre talk or i watch something on current tv, it is a really polarizing issue all the time. and all the people that i know that own guns, we go to the range. we shoot. we have fun. we hunt birds. i know that's not really something that you would see the
7:55 am
fun in. >> stephanie: right. it makes me cry personally. but that's -- that's just me. but anyway, i know. what do you feel is polarizing that you've heard on this show? >> caller: well, mainly, it's just kind of snide little comments about this politician or that politician or -- >> like rick perry maybe? is that who you're talking about? >> caller: that's one. don't get me wrong. >> stephanie: don't i have a right to say i think that's a dumb idea to talk about teaches having concealed weapons in the classroom? >> caller: well -- >> that's not what they're there for. they're not there for security. >> caller: what are not -- >> teaches aren't there for security. >> plus, they -- >> caller: they are. >> they're there to teach. >> they're there for the security of the children. i live in south florida. and i come from a long line of teachers and believe me, that is their -- supposed to be what they're there for but most of the time it ends up --
7:56 am
>> stephanie: they're there to be rambo. really? huh. that's new. >> they're complaining about teaches getting too much money. they need to be paid for training. >> stephanie: we were all thinking of our specific teachers in our childhood none of whom i would want to be armed. >> dr. hunsaker packed heat. i'm sure of it. >> stephanie: 58 minutes after the hour. ñ [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] all right, jacki schechner, what's your mom's name? jacki schechner are you there? >> stephanie: thank you somebody for my box of wine
7:57 am
ornament. jacki, you were talking about what ann curry is doing. >> one of my friends on twitter pointed this out that ann curry started something new called hash tag 26 acts and she's encouraging people to do random acts of kindness for strangers. it is really nice. some of the stuff is like someone paid for the ten cars behind them on the expressway. someone else said they bought a 90-year-old, a recent widower a new microwave. one person says some kind person cleaned our porch. they were a recipient of the act of kindness. it is really nice. so much bad news the past week. it is really nice to see somebody turning this into a positive. >> stephanie: awesome. that is awesome. in the spirit of that, i'm going to give you my boxed wine tree ornament. >> i was going to give you an actual box of wine. we could hang it and finish it. >> stephanie: you are helping jacki schechner. here she is in the current news center. >> if house speaker john boehner's plan b for the fiscal cliff actually makes it to the white house that's the plan to let the bush tax cuts keep going for people who make less than a
7:58 am
million dollars a year, the president is going to veto it. that according to white house spokesman, communications director dan pfeiffer who says it doesn't meet the test of balance. michigan governor rick snyder has vetoed a bill that would have allowed people to carry concealed weapon into a formerly gun-free zones like churches and schools. the michigan state legislature passed the law on thursday. but in the wake of friday's tragedy in newtown governor snyder has called for a more thorough review of the law. we need more thorough review of gun violence-related issues. he says the concealed carry bill needs to be looked at in a more comprehensive context. now this particular move is welcome news. however, "the huffington post" points out that snyder did find two other laws, one streamlines the process for buying handguns and the other gets rid of restrictions for rifle and shot gunn transactions between people in michigan and neighboring states. and florida governor rick scott
7:59 am
insists though he complied with the law he's now going to look into the problems the state had during the past election. including the number of voting days being restricted. by the way he's the one who restricted those. the excessive link of the ballot and inadequate size of polling locations. this news comes at the same time a new quinnipiac poll shows that 52% of voters in florida don't think scott deserves a second term and 53% of republicans want him to see a primary challenge. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us. young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> stephanie: sexy liberal hal sparks caught in traffic on his way. he will be here momentarily. i have his megaphone out to council people off the ledge. liberals freaking out over the fiscal cliff. the web site. you can e-mail us all there. chris lavoie, jim ward. me, stephanie miller. get great swag for christmas. get tickets to d.c. chris, jim jacki opening for us. all four sexy liberals. two huge surprise celebrity guests on panel. >> if you get one of the cd, you
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can wrap them up, you're done. >> this is what you want for christmas. bacon flavored shaving cream. >> who wants to smell like bacon? >> stephanie: the enventor says there's nothing more powerful than the smell of bacon. >> i can think of like a thermonuclear bomb. >> stephanie: like a quadruple bypass. >> have you been rolling in bacon grease? >> stephanie: what is that? >> for those who love bacon to death, quote-unquote, he's created a thousand dollar bacon wrap coffin. what? no. >> i think i stop at the bacon salt. when that guy invented bacon salt? that sounds good. bacon shaving cream no. >> computer says no. >> stephanie: we were saying
8:05 am
we're just barely crawling to the finish line for vacation friday. and if the world ends then, we're going to be pissed. >> just in time for vacation. >> i want it faux if randi rhodes took this week off. >> if she moved to another planet, that would be a sign. >> stephanie: officials are so confident the world will not end this friday -- >> what do they know? >> stephanie: allegedly predicted by the mayan calendar. they're keeping the observatory past midnight on that date. you know what that means? really sucky traffic near high house. large number of visitors expected. >> stephanie: lot of people dump their dogs in the park near my house. i rescued one two days ago.
8:06 am
he had no collar. he wasn't fixed. anyway, and so i brought him home. i have to say i have the greatest friends in the world. jacki schechner had a friend with a rescue and they were getting ready to find a home. my friend trish had somebody who was interested. i had the vet lined up yesterday to check him out. i bought him a little collar like max and fred's and some baby hot dogs. and then my pool guy left the gate open and he's gone. merry christmas. okay. i went to the park three times looking for him. >> he got a lot of love from you. >> stephanie: there are a lot of coyotes from -- i did fire the pool guy. not the guy that owns the company but the guy that he sent. i said i don't want that guy here again because this dog is probably dead now. it doesn't have to do with you why i'm in a foul mood.
8:07 am
>> when you said you were in a foul mood, oh, my god she's going to fire me at christmas. >> stephanie: someone got fired but it wasn't you. >> stephanie: for some reason in the meantime, two of my friends sent me two great pyrenees that need homes. by new year's, i'll have 17 dogs because now i'm in a state. i'm like okay, fine. >> you will be like cruella de vil. >> stephanie: except i love dogs. >> you'll have to clean your own pool from now on. >> no one is going to want to clean that backyard. >> stephanie: i'll need someone who works for the circus. >> stephanie: mary in west virginia you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: i wanted to call just to follow up on the -- what you were talking about australia and how successful they were in getting the guns. >> yes.
8:08 am
>> i was living in australia at the time and when that happened, now, you gotta know that at least at the time, i don't know if it is still that way. it was mandatory to vote. you got fined if you did not vote. in elections. >> stephanie: right. after this shooting happened, they put a referendum on the national ballot to take the guns they didn't just take them. they bought them back from people. >> stephanie: why can't every idea on on the table here? we're not going to come and get your guns but what about that? what percentage could we get off the streets if we bought them back? i don't know. >> that's the justification for having all of the guns. they're coming to take my guns. >> jim agnes writes to me and says you know who he had guns? hitler. [ buzzer ]
8:09 am
>> one thing.we have the thing you have to do before you get a gun. it takes like six months and every gun you buy gets loaded on there. they always know that this is your gun. and it is nobody else's. you would have a u.s.a. wide card where every piece of ammo you know what you buy and everybody is aware of what you have. >> stephanie: that's what we were saying. the fingerprint recognition technology. let's thank our lucky stars john bolton won't be secretary of state. the state department blasted him
8:10 am
for his information and claiming every picture on this -- crying on benghazi. he's ridiculous. >> he's irresponsible is what he is. >> stephanie: a diplomatic illness. when you don't want to go to a meetingor conference, you have a diplomatic illness. >> a concussion is a diplomatic illness. >> stephanie: she's obviously going to testify at some point. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: he serves no useful purpose. >> he wasn't even confirmed to go to the u.n. >> i think they should take the top ten stories off of him and see if anyone notices. it would at least get rid of that heinous mustache. >> stephanie: mike in virginia, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi mike. >> caller: greetings from transvaginal virginia. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i hope you aren't going to ask any probing questions. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] okay, go ahead. >> caller: every time i hear all
8:11 am
of these self--appointed american patriots talk about how responsible they are as gun owners and everything, i thought you guys would appreciate this. the first thing that pops in my mind every time i hear that is dick cheney. >> stephanie: yeah. exactly. that's a responsible gun owner right? yeah. still never got investigated. you know he had beers at lunch and shoots his friend in the face. >> then he apologized for getting in the way. >> his friend apologized to dick cheney for getting in the way. >> stephanie: that was rude. okay. >> very rude of you to get in the way. >> stephanie: danny from colorado springs. >> caller: how you doing stephanie? how is it going? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: a quick deal with this gun control stuff. i'm down here in colorado springs. i went to a gun show. why is it these independent contractors don't have to do background checks? we watched a gentleman at the age of 21 years old walked in,
8:12 am
buy four assault rifles, not one deal did he do with a background check but the guy right next to him, i don't know what he did but he did background checks on them. you can get the assault rifles any day of the week. i ran the drug awareness program trying to get the kids off the streets and these kids can get guns quicker than we can. they can do it in texas california florida, you can go to any gun show -- >> that one is the no-brainer. that's ridiculous. >> stephanie: they say huge majority of nra members think there should be background checks for anybody -- who thinks anybody should be able to get a gun? okay. >> they should be able to set up one booth at every gun show where you go and get your background checked. that should be really easy. >> i think the people who want to have a lot of assault rifles are precisely the people who shouldn't be allowed to have them. >> stephanie: vanessa in
8:13 am
california. that's the only question, do you want one? you can have one. vanessa in california. hi vanessa. >> caller: i was trying to think of a clever intro like the transvaginal virginia. i'm a vegetarian from california. >> stephanie: what is eating you this morning? we can't stop. >> caller: nice. i love it. my stepfather was a hunter. i heard your caller earlier he's a hunter. he goes out. shoots a couple of birds. the problem with that is that you know you don't need a 30-clip magazine to go shoot a bird. you don't need a 30-clip magazine to go hunt a deer. you need precision. you need accuracy. my father used snares and a rifle that only shot two rounds then he had another one that shot six. you don't need to have all of that ammunition. so i don't see a lot of that --
8:14 am
a couple of long-term gun rights supporters going the other way and saying okay, we need something. but i don't see a lot of the compromises. but if they don't want to take away the guns, people are freaking out why don't you hear more about the compromises? you can have a rifle. you can't shoot 30 rounds from your assault rifle. you can't shoot -- you can't have a magazine that can shoot 100 rounds. there is no need for any any citizen, i don't care if you think you're the next border patrol agent you don't need even a 30, 100 clip round to kill an illegal immigrant either. i'm sorry. >> stephanie: all right honey. got it. >> they're coming to take my guns. that's why i need more guns. >> stephanie: okay. >> i would rather have soda stream. >> stephanie: you stepped on my segue. that was going to be so much better than your segue. [ laughter ] you're -- the only thing i love
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this morning soda stream. now i hate you too. [ applause ] >> stephanie: not as much as my pool guy. >> get in line. everybody hates me. >> stephanie: soda stream, new way to enjoy great tasting soda made fresh at home in less than 30 seconds. it is smart transforms water into fresh fizzy soda in seconds. and talking like any level of carbonation you like and no lugging, no storing no disposing of bottles and cans. it is ecofriendly. >> or ecofriendly. >> stephanie: right. you just fill the bottle with cold water snap it into the machine, push the button to carbonate and add your choice of flavor. oh dear, do we need a vacation. 60 flavors. >> 60? >> stephanie: holy cow. regular, diet, all natural. energy drink. >> do they have brands ilknow and love? >> stephanie: you just stepped -- you just big footed through another one of my segues. >> i sure did. >> stephanie: they have brands you know and love like country time and crystal light. >> say it ain't so.
8:16 am
>> stephanie: better for you flavors with no high fructose cornish is -- syrup or aspartame. it is beautiful and it makes your cans of soda cost about 25 cents a can. >> you can control the level of fizziness. >> it is not that big. >> stephanie: about the size of a small -- check out soda stream at target, walmart macy's kohl's. go to find -- i don't think you'll find it there. at stores near you. >> you may be able to find them in the beyond section. >> where christopher walken is. >> stephanie: soda stream, smart, simple soda. 19 minutes after the hour. >> they're going to love that one. >> stephanie: right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> if you turn her on, she'll turn you on. >> oh, god! >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." like our tender snow crab
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